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Tech Tip: Two Ways to Lay a Ripple Bead with the ORBiT™ Tip

There are two ways to lay a ripple bead with the ORBiT Tip. Option 1, can help you in hard to reach areas, while Option 2 may save you some time. Watch the video for more details on each method. 

SEM SOP: Refinishing Trim

Even the most rugged vehicles eventually begin showing the effects of UV exposure. Refinishing faded trim can instantly enhance the look of a vehicle for significantly less cost than replacing the panels. The process is simple and SEM offers a variety of trusted products for matching color and gloss of trim components. 

SEM SOP: GripTide™ Non-Skid Deck Coating

Now is the perfect time to plan ahead for the next boating season!  If you're looking for a durable, non-skid coating with a simple application process, GripTide Non-Skid Deck Coating is an ideal solution. Learn to apply GripTide in five simple steps. 

SEM SOP: Filling Custom Fill™ Aerosol Blanks

Increase revenue with SEM's Custom Fill™ system designed for custom matching vinyl, leather, plastic, carpet, velour, or properly prepped and primed metal. Learn how to fill aerosol blanks with SEM's Standard Operating Procedure.

Tech Tip: 2K Cartridge Times Explained

Every cartridge manufacturer provides users three important pieces of information: the working time, set time and cure time. These times mark the steps of the products’ conversion from liquid form to a solid state. Read on to understand these terms in detail and how they impact the repair process. 

Watch & Learn: Master the OE Ripple Bead with ORBiT

The OE ripple bead can be described as the defined, chopped-up, wavy-textured bead commonly found on underhood areas, trunk pans and rear body pans of most vehicles. Whatever you choose to call this bead, it has been a long-standing challenge for repair technicans to accurately and conveniently duplicate this seam. 

SEM's QR Codes Make Life Easier for Technicians

Using SEM QR codes is like having a SEM product specialist right in the shop with you. When you scan a SEM QR code on a product label, you are directed straight to the product's webpage. From here you can conveniently access technical data to ensure proper application, safety information, SOPs, and more.

Four ways to use the Rigid 360° Applicator

The Rigid 360° Applicatoris is more than a spray wand. It is a 36-inch-long, customizable applicator wand with a true 360-degree spray pattern. Watch the video to learn more and see four different uses for this versatile tool.

How to Spray a Bedliner with BoothTalk's Jeremy Winters

Check out this video by Jeremy Winters of the BoothTalk podcast to see him spray a bedliner on a Silverado using Rock-It XC™. 

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