I-CAR Training

SEM is a proud member of the I-CAR USA and I-CAR Canada Industry Training Alliance Program.

SEM I-CAR classes include:

Adhesive, Rivet & Weld Bonding

  • Features and benefits of adhesive bonding
  • Choosing the appropriate adhesive
  • Where to use adhesives
  • Proper procedures

Automotive Corrosion Protection

  • Features and benefits of corrosion products
  • Learn the different types of corrosion protectants / removal products
  • Where and how to use corrosion protectants
  • Proper procedures

Automotive Foams and Sound Dampening

  • Features and benefits of foams and sound dampening products
  • Learn the different types of products available
  • Where and how to apply
  • Proper procedures

Plastic Bumper Repair and Refinishing

  • Features and benefits of plastic repair materials
  • How to identify types of plastics
  • Choosing the appropriate repair material
  • Where and how to apply
  • Proper procedures

Contact your local SEM Representative for details.

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SEM School

Stay up to date by learning the latest automotive repair and refinishing techniques. SEM School is offered to professionals throughout the year in various locations.

Mission Statement

SEM Products’ Corporate Training Program is designed to provide today’s autobody repair technician a comprehensive understanding of the current practices and procedures associated with the SEM product offering. The training program consists of classes covering Metal Bonding, Plastic & Bumper Repair, Interior Repair & Refinishing, Truckbed Liner Application and Custom Finish. Each student will receive in-depth classroom and hands-on training and upon successful completion, will be SEM Certified Autobody Technicians.

what you will learn:

  • Proper use of adhesives, seam sealers, repair materials and foams
  • Proper change and/or renew of color on vinyl, leather, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet and velour
  • Proper use of “allied products” such as truck bed liners, chip guards, textures, corrosion protectants, etc.

Contact your local SEM Representative for details.

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