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Showing 1 results
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VCS™ Versatile Cup System

  • Liners can be used vented or sealed
    VENTED USE: provides unrestricted paint flow, which improves color match and consistency
    SEALED USE: allows the liner to collapse for painting upside down or in hard to reach areas where inverted spraying is needed
  • Liner locks into hard cup, making lid removal easier for refilling
  • Specially designed liner vent and hard cup flange eliminate drips
  • 32 oz., 22 oz., and 13 oz. hard cup and liner sizes
  • One lid fits all VCS cup sizes
  • Built-in filter is removable for higher viscosity liquids such as primer filler
  • Blank hard cups are availableto ensure mixing is done on a paint scale
  • Eliminates the need for a separate mixing cup
  • Wide mouth stainless steel adapters available for most popular spray guns
  • Save cleaning time and reduce solvent waste

(24) options available

VCS™ Versatile Cup System

VCS™ Versatile Cup System

Part #92110

(24) options available
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