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How To Reduce Labor Up To 85%

The Problem

It's obvious that the shorter the job time, the more jobs you can service each day. But how do you shorten labor time when you’re required to wait on mixing paint, flash times, vacant paint booths, and the time to clean your tools after each use?

The Solution

It’s actually pretty simple. Get rid of the waiting by using aerosols. SEM’s OEM Refinishing System uses 3 products to reduce labor up to 85% when refinishing inner support parts, rails, cut-ins, and jambs. The following time study shows how Ez Coat, Factory Pack, and 1K HS Clear eliminate flash times, gun cleaning, and more time wasters while refinishing a radiator support.

Use Ez Coat to match OEM e-coat, Factory Pack to match OEM basecoats, and 1K HS Clear to finish the job.

Additional Resources

Watch how we refinish a radiator support in under 18 minutes using SEM's OEM Refinishing System.

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