Rigid 360° Applicator

Rigid 360° Applicator is a 36-inch-long wand used to apply cavity wax and other coatings in a 360 degree pattern to inner panels and frame rails.



  • Rigid construction helps with applicator placement
  • 36” length – can be cut to any size 
  • True 360 degree spray pattern
  • Can be used with other SEM aerosols
  • Remote fan pattern with some SEM aerosols
  • Reusable to reduce waste
  • Fits 77763 XXX Universal Gun Cleaner for easy cleanup
  • Convenient 4 pack 


More Features

(1) options available


  • Rust proofing with Rust Preventer Cavity Wax
  • Spraying remote fan patterns with EZ Coat, Trim Black Ultra, Rubberized Undercoating, Undercoating, Heavy Texture Cihp Guard, Chip Guard, Rust Trap in Custom Fill™ can


  • 4 pack contains (4) 36" wands and (4) 360° spray tips
  • 36" wand can be cut to any length


Inner Panel Corrosion Protection SOP

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Why Rust Preventer Cavity Wax?

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Rigid 360° Applicator

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