Fleet Line™ White Seam Sealer

A two-component, high viscosity, epoxy seam sealer for use on interior or exterior seams, joints and voids.  Fleet Line™ White Seam Sealer is discontinued and superseded by Dual-Mix™ Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer - White, effective June 2019.


  • Direct to metal
  • Paintable immediately with most solvent based coatings
  • High viscosity, non-sag formula
  • Remains flexible after cure
  • True white color
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  • Bare metal
  • OEM finish
  • Epoxy primer
  • DTM urethane prime
  • Fiberglass
  • SMC


  • 10 oz. cartridge
  • White
  • Working Time: 10 min
  • Set Time: 15 min
  • Top Coat Time (with most solvent-based coatings): 0 min
  • Top Coat Time (with most waterborne coatings): 15 min
  • Cure Time: 1 hr


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