2K Urethane Chip Guard

2K Urethane Chip Guard is a job-sized, two-component, shake-and-shoot, textured coating for reproducing a variety of OE textures and chip guards. Two-component system helps eliminate common problems seen with one-component products such as long flash times, pinholes, solvent trap, delamination and solubility. 






  • OEM reccomended
  • 2K durability with 1K convenience
  • Reproduces fine to coarse and light to heavy OE textures
  • Builds heavy textures without trapping solvent
  • No flash time required between coats
  • 50 state compliant
  • Pinhole free
  • Easy to use shake-and-shoot system
  • R.O. billable unit
  • 16 defined textures with detailed instructions
  • Non-yellowing and non-staining
  • Tintable, paintable or can be used as a textured top coat
  • Impact and chemical resistant
  • Excellent for sound dampening
More Features

(3) options available


  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized steel
  • Existing OEM paint
  • Polyester fillers
  • E-coat
  • Fiberglass
  • SMC and FRP
  • Epoxy primer
  • 2K urethane primer and sealer


  • ​Opaque gray
  • 12 oz. (mixed) kit
  • Produces variety of textures see TDS for application details on 16 different textures
  • Pot Life @ 70°F and 50% R.H.: 20 minutes
  • Flash Time: 0 – 20 minutes
  • Paint Time: 20 minutes – 4 hours


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2K Urethane Chip Guard

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