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Dual-Mix™ Forever Warranty

We believe in our products. That's why we offer one of the best warranties in the automotive market, which covers our line of Dual-Mix products.

The warranty is as follows:

When used according to directions, SEM guarantees to the purchaser that all Dual-Mix products will perform to specifications for the life of the vehicle. This warranty covers reasonable costs for labor, loss of use of the vehicle, parts and materials only, and excludes consequential or incidental damages. When applicable, OEM repair procedures must be followed.

Covered Products


Plastic Repair





Pro-Tex™ Warranty

When used according to the directions, SEM guarantees to the purchaser, for the life of the vehicle, that 40640 and 40660 PRO-TEX™ TRUCKBED LINER KITS will perform to specifications under normal conditions. This includes delamination and color fade of the product. These bedliners are not intended for commercial use and any utilization of the products other than as a truckbed liner are not warranted. Be advised that sharp, heavy or abrasive objects may remove part or all of the coating and touch-ups may be necessary. Scratches or gouges in the truckbed liner, as a result of such use, are not covered. Allow 8 hours of dry time before delivery and 48 hours for use of truckbed.

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